One of the services ProSky Studio offers is orthophotography. This allows owners of construction sites, surveyors, and farmers to get highly-detailed, accurate measurements and actionable data.

Basically, when you look at a standard aerial photo like one taken by a UAV (drone), you get some distortion. This comes from lens distortion or tilt, and it basically distorts the true curve of the Earth. This throws distances off scale. Orthophotography takes this distortion away, and that’s why it’s also called “orthorectified” or “map accurate” photography. These orthorectified photos then form the basis of many geo-referenced products. These include orthophoto mosaics, raster to vector digitization, 2D plani...

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You’ve probably heard that real estate firms often use aerial videos and photos produced by drones to show their properties. The same idea can be used for all sorts of businesses and ventures, such as golf courses, sports arenas, publicizing charity events or the construction of a new store or office, etc.

Giving your audience that bird’s eye view to promote your company is effective, but why? How are drone videos better than those taken on ground level by traditional video cameras? Here are a few reasons. The Whole Truth Whether you’re showing your expanded new showroom or your sports franchise’s new stadium or the neighborhood your property is in, you’ll get the most mileage from aerial video. Trying to pai...

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It’s well known that UAVs deliver images that create great data in a variety of industries, including construction. But while drones can give much-needed information such as topographic maps that give you the lay of the land before you break ground, they can also be an indispensable tool during the project itself. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the capabilities of a drone as a replacement for other tools you may otherwise use. For one, UAVs can create crucial measurements on your site, faster than by traditional means. Measuring Volume One of the ways we help construction companies is through volume measurement at various phases of a project. We use DroneDeploy software to calculate how much material you’ll need...

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Drone technology is revolutionizing several industries, and that’s due to the actionable data it produces. While aerial videos and pics of corporate events and soccer games are an important—and fun—part of our business, a facet of drone photography and videography that we feel will make it indispensable is its ability to take images or videos and create precise data points.

When ProSky Studio takes pictures or videos of a subject, we then use the appropriate software to shape and package the data into a useful tool for our client. A wide variety of uses call for a new software suite we’re using, Pix4D. In short, Pix4D turns visual information into data. This can include 2D and 3D modeling, terrain models, data poi...

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Wow! I can't believe February is in full swing already! We have hit the ground running this year with exciting new projects, additions to our team and new community involvement opportunities.


Michael & Cole (Commercial Pilot) after aerial & ground video capture at a major Jacksonville construction project.

ProSky Studio has partnered with 2 new pilots (an FAA certified Private Pilot and a Commercial Pilot) as well as a video editor to bring an even higher level of quality and service to our customers than ever before! We're thrilled to have these new talented additions to Team ProSky!

Beyond our aerial imaging contracts for commercial developments, construction projects, and advertising, we're also thrilled to give back to our community by providing free aerial images of the new Wildlight Elementary School in Yulee, FL to the Nassau County School Board. These photographs are a fantastic way for the school board to monitor overall construction progress and to increase public awareness of the project. More to come on this soon!

We've also been named a Supporting Sponsor for the Festivals of Speed event to be held on Amelia Island next month. We're looking forward to a fantastic time working with some sweet cars and amazing people!

As always, ProSky Studio is committed to developing strong relationships with all our customers through honesty, efficiency and unsurpassed quality of work. We don't just take pretty pictures from the sky...we provide aerial imaging solutions that add value to almost any industry, and stand by our services.

If we haven't yet gotten a chance to speak with you about our capabilities, services offered, and experience, we'd love to have that opportunity!

We are thrilled to be in high gear and are looking forward to soaring even higher!

(Yep...another pun.)

- Michael

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Over the past several years, arguably the preceding decade, doing business locally has taken up residence in the minds of American consumers. During the Great Recession, communities began looking within to find the products and services it needed to survive the Recession. We began to look to our neighbors, and to ourselves, for the needed (and wanted) items and services that define American consumer culture.

Many people lost their jobs, as we all know. This wasn't a deterrent for many- it became a powerful motivating force to innovate. Many people starting small businesses and sole proprietorships to sell products and services to the members of their communities. Friendships became leads, and diners, truck beds and grocery stores became ...

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In the days of old, cartographers used many tools to help them measure the features of the earth. Contours, ridges, valleys, & coasts were depicted with painstaking care. It wasn't until modern times, however, that maps became truly representative of conditions on the surface of Earth.

Many modern maps utilize satellite imagery to depict Earth's features. These maps are expensive and, while of acceptable quality, are not always up to date. Aerial mapping became an alternative to satellite mapping because of its increased frequency. However, traditional manned aircraft systems are expensive to operate and maintain...these costs are passed along to the customer as a result. The high costs of these maps put accurate data captured from the a...

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Following the devastating effects of storms like #HurricaneMatthew, many of us are left to pick up the pieces of our lives. Many homes, infrastructure, and land is damaged every year by storm. This hurricane's effects have been no different. Storm surge & wind damage has impacted so many coastal areas and has lead to, what some analysts believe, will be up to $30 Billion in insurance losses.*

*See http://time.com/money/4522726/hurricane-matthew-insurance-losses/

Of course, the most important thing is human safety. The safety of you and your family cannot be assigned a monetary value. When it comes to rebuilding a life that has taken, well, a lifetime to create, the task can seem daunting.

During the first days after a devastating storm, rescue crews, government officials, police officers, and insurance adjusters are tasked with locating stranded survivors and surveying damage. These tasks can prove to be time consuming and dangerous to workers. Drones can make this work faster and safer, leading to more lives saved, and increased situational awareness of the extent of damage.

Capable aircraft operated by safe, legal and licensed drone operators can quickly gather data in the form of aerial photographs, video and even survey mapping to help workers on the ground save precious time and allocate resources where they're needed the most.

Insurance companies and risk managers can also survey damage thoroughly allowing for faster claims processing.

The important thing to remember is that just because someone has a drone, their flying of that aircraft isn't necessarily legal or safe. Many temporary flight restrictions have been placed by the FAA over affected areas to insure safety of all air traffic and works on the ground during the recovery phase.

If you believe this technology will be beneficial to your company or government entity, contact a legal, safe, and professional aerial provider. These providers mitigate your risk by operating within the strict parameters of the law and offer greater insight as to what lies ahead.

Stay safe.

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ProSky Studio Promo

Well...we decided to start blogging. We think it's a great way to share the ins and outs of this amazing industry with all our customers and our community. Our mission at ProSky Studio is to provide safe, legal and professional aerial content to many different industries at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft providers. We want to get this message out to the masses and also raise awareness about the positive uses of UAV (drone) technology.

In the right hands, this tech is a game changer. It's safe, reliable and cost effective. We pride ourselves on being a trend setter in the industry here on the First Coast by always pushing the boundaries of creativity and customer service.

We also take safety and professionalism very seriously. We've dedicated a page on our website to our stringent safety philosophy. We want to earn everyone's trust as the premier aerial content provider for Northeast Florida and beyond!

Anyway, we'll be posting along the way here and on our other social media outlets, so stay tuned!

Uploaded by ProSky Studio, LLC on 2016-01-14.

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