Aerial Mapping with Drones - The Next Data Revolution

In the days of old, cartographers used many tools to help them measure the features of the earth. Contours, ridges, valleys, & coasts were depicted with painstaking care. It wasn't until modern times, however, that maps became truly representative of conditions on the surface of Earth.

Many modern maps utilize satellite imagery to depict Earth's features. These maps are expensive and, while of acceptable quality, are not always up to date. Aerial mapping became an alternative to satellite mapping because of its increased frequency. However, traditional manned aircraft systems are expensive to operate and maintain...these costs are passed along to the customer as a result. The high costs of these maps put accurate data captured from the air out of reach for many industries. Until now.

With the advent of small Unmanned aerial systems, (sUAS), aerial mapping is available to virtually any industry for a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft mapping missions.

Terra SkyMaps is one of the premium products ProSky Studio offers. From land management to forestry to farming, data we capture from the air is stitched together into a high quality, highly accurate map. These maps are then marked up per the requirements of the customer to show distance, area, and even volume.

To learn more about this amazingly accurate and efficient product, please visit TerraSkyMaps.com. We'd also invite you to watch this video:

Terra SkyMaps

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