How drones can safely & quickly recon storm damage


Following the devastating effects of storms like #HurricaneMatthew, many of us are left to pick up the pieces of our lives. Many homes, infrastructure, and land is damaged every year by storm. This hurricane's effects have been no different. Storm surge & wind damage has impacted so many coastal areas and has lead to, what some analysts believe, will be up to $30 Billion in insurance losses.*

*See http://time.com/money/4522726/hurricane-matthew-insurance-losses/

Of course, the most important thing is human safety. The safety of you and your family cannot be assigned a monetary value. When it comes to rebuilding a life that has taken, well, a lifetime to create, the task can seem daunting.

During the first days after a devastating storm, rescue crews, government officials, police officers, and insurance adjusters are tasked with locating stranded survivors and surveying damage. These tasks can prove to be time consuming and dangerous to workers. Drones can make this work faster and safer, leading to more lives saved, and increased situational awareness of the extent of damage.

Capable aircraft operated by safe, legal and licensed drone operators can quickly gather data in the form of aerial photographs, video and even survey mapping to help workers on the ground save precious time and allocate resources where they're needed the most.

Insurance companies and risk managers can also survey damage thoroughly allowing for faster claims processing.

The important thing to remember is that just because someone has a drone, their flying of that aircraft isn't necessarily legal or safe. Many temporary flight restrictions have been placed by the FAA over affected areas to insure safety of all air traffic and works on the ground during the recovery phase.

If you believe this technology will be beneficial to your company or government entity, contact a legal, safe, and professional aerial provider. These providers mitigate your risk by operating within the strict parameters of the law and offer greater insight as to what lies ahead.

Stay safe.

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