Introducing ProSky Studio's Integration of Pix4D for Actionable Data

Drone technology is revolutionizing several industries, and that’s due to the actionable data it produces. While aerial videos and pics of corporate events and soccer games are an important—and fun—part of our business, a facet of drone photography and videography that we feel will make it indispensable is its ability to take images or videos and create precise data points.

When ProSky Studio takes pictures or videos of a subject, we then use the appropriate software to shape and package the data into a useful tool for our client. A wide variety of uses call for a new software suite we’re using, Pix4D. In short, Pix4D turns visual information into data. This can include 2D and 3D modeling, terrain models, data points that show a change over time (as in, how fast is your construction project moving?), and many others.

Rather than asking you to slog through a tall laundry list, let’s go by industry:

Real Estate- Pix4D allows us to take drone photography and create sharp 3D models. This is all about marketing, allowing potential customers to see the property and its surroundings in 3D-- from any angle. They can virtually enter the properties with fly-through videos.

Agriculture- The data from images captured by drone aircraft in this industry can include indexes like NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and orthomosaics.

Construction- We use Pix4D to take photos and videos and elevate them to far greater levels of precision. The software creates orthos that fuel your detailed measurements. We create volumetric analysis and contour data, as well as giving you models for inspection.

Surveying- The aerial info we gather for surveying can be turned into an incredible array of data. This can help in the creation of quality assessments, contour lines, and the monitoring of many environmental factors. Surveying capabilities with Pix4D allow clients to meet their accuracy standards.

We’re pretty excited about the wide range of possibilities. We can’t stress enough—whatever your data needs, contact us, and there’s a great chance we can serve them.


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