Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you offer residential real estate drone services?

ProSky Studio offers many solutions to a wide range of markets. However, we do not currently offer services to the residential real estate markets. We do offer services to the Commercial Real Estate Sector. For more information, please visit our Commercial Real Estate Page.

Do you do events/weddings?

No. Weddings and events are a great time...but the FAA is very specific when it comes to flying a commercially operated drone over "uninvolved people." An uninvolved person is defines as anyone who is not directly related to your flight operation, or anyone who has not given express permission for a drone operator to fly a drone over him or her. Because of our respect of the rules, ProSky Studio does not offer services for events where flying over uninvolved people would be required or for weddings.

Can you fly over people?

Yes...within certain regulatory confines. We can fly over anyone with his or her express permission, or in cases where the individual(s) on the ground have a sufficient barrier between himself or herself and the drone. The FAA is very specific when it comes to flying a commercially operated drone over "uninvolved people." An uninvolved person is defines as anyone who is not directly related to your flight operation, or anyone who has not given express permission for a drone operator to fly a drone over him or her.

How long have you been in business?

ProSky Studio is the oldest commercial aerial drone operator in the Jacksonville, FL area. We began this journey in 2014 and filed our paperwork with the State of Florida in 2015.

You say you operate with real pilots. What does that mean?

Most of our drone operators are actually licensed pilots. We have pilot certifications ranging from Private Pilot - Single Engine: Land to Commercial Pilot - Multi Engine to Airline Transport Jet Pilot. Our aviation background and training gives ProSky Studio an edge over the competition. Because of our experience, we operate safely, efficiently and professionally. Learn more about us here.

What is the current commercial drone regulation called in the US?

The current regulation pertaining to commercial small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) is Part 107. The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for overseeing the safe and efficient operation of all aircraft operating in the National Airspace System.

Do drones require insurance?

In short, the answer is no. However, as a commercial unmanned aerial provider, ProSky Studio recognizes the importance of having all its aircraft and operations insured. Insurance gives our customers peace of mind and demonstrates our commitment to quality and professionalism.

What is a drone/UAV?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is very commonly referred to as a "drone." Any remotely operated aircraft, including recreational model remote controlled airplanes and helicopters are technically unmanned aerial vehicles. The difference between these and a drone is that drones can perform semi-automated to fully-automated flight tasks. This is what makes them a "drone."

How long does it take to complete my job?

There are many factors that determine how long a job will take to complete. ProSky Studio plans for weather, airspace requirements and changes, activity at the location, post-production time and more. Each job is different and we would be happy to discuss your project's details with you.

Is there anything I can do to make the job go easier?

Absolutely! Things that help your job go easier are: - Planning to include our services early on in your process. - Giving us as much notice as possible. - Review specific project requirements with our team. - Make sure everyone on site is aware of our work in advance. - Make sure your site is ready to be filmed or to have photos taken.

Does ProSky Studio only operate in Jacksonville, Florida?

Nope! ProSky Studio provides aerial drone services to Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona, Savannah, Brunswick, Sanford, Tampa, Waycross, Macon, Atlanta and beyond. We have done work in Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee!

Do you fly manned aircraft?

Yes. While our primary vehicles for capturing aerial content are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), we also have the capability to capture data and content from fixed-wing aircraft, depending on the requirements of the project.

Are there any limitations to where you can operate?

There are. With enough planning and notice, we are able to mitigate some of these limitations. For example, if you project is within 5 miles of an airport, special permission may be required in order to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in that location. We can take care of that for you by working directly with the FAA. We can't operate over crowds of spectators or uninvolved people, or on military bases without prior authorization from the DoD.

What should I expect from my DSP (Drone Service Provider)?

There are many things you should look for: - Licensing (Part 107) - Experience - Portfolio of Work - Reputation - Insurance Status and Limits - Professionalism - OSHA Compliance - Effective Planning - Understanding of Your Needs - Ability to Deliver

Do you offer drone consulting services?

Yes! We understand that some organizations want to bring a drone operation in-house. ProSky Studio makes this process easy, affordable and comprehensive. ProSky Studio is the oldest member of the commercial drone industry in the region, and that's because our experience, commitment to safety and professionalism are unparalleled. Leverage the experience and technical know-how of ProSky Studio to add drones to your organization. Learn more.

Production Questions

How can I prepare my property or site?

Making sure the property is in tip-top shape is imperative. We're pretty awesome at what we do, but there are some things that no amount of technology can fix. Look at your site from your target audience's perspective. Would you want to visit your site? Would you want to buy it? Are the yards maintained? How's the exterior of the structure look? Is the parking lot in good shape? These are just a few questions to help get you started.

Do you only offer drone services?

Not anymore! We're very proud to have not only grown as a company and brand, but also to incorporate an increasing set of high-end services to our clients. In addition to aerial content and data capture solutions, ProSky Studio also engages in full production projects where drones are simply just a part of the overall project. We film with ground-based cameras, create ground-based 3D virtual reality environments by collecting hundreds of photographs, produce micro-documentaries and so much more!

Does a drone only take pictures?

Definitely not! ProSky Studio has harnessed the power of high-quality still images, EXIF data, stunning video files and backend processing power to create one of the most commercially robust unmanned aerial systems in the region. We go beyond the picture to offer solutions to architects, engineers, construction companies, developers and production companies.

I have my ProSky pictures/video (which are amazing), now what?

ProSky Studio does more than just take photos and capture video. We routinely create marketing promotions, micro-documentarties and web shorts for our clients. Allow ProSky Studio to not only capture your aerial content...but also to put the fit and finish on that it deserves.

What camera equipment do you use?

We have a wide-range of camera equipment, gimbals and tech at our disposal...as well as the knowledge to harness the tech's power. Check out our technology here.

Do you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel?

We certainly do! Here you go: https://vimeo.com/proskystudio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Cls7pG9p6g2Mlw1K_x_0A/

Data Collection Questions

Can you create virtual tours?

We sure can! Our virtual tours are dynamic and constructed in 3D space. ProSky Reality Capture goes way beyond panoramic virtual tours. Our immersive virtual tours can be embedded with video, documents, text and photos for a more engaging and informative experience for your customers. Learn more here.

What is orthography/photogrammetry?

Orthography is a method of projection in which an object is depicted or a surface mapped using parallel lines to project its shape onto a plane. Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. ProSky Studio utilizes its aircraft and cameras to capture high resolution aerial images. Then, we import those images into our backend processing equipment. Utilizing specialty orthographic and photogrammetry software, we construct a geo-rectified orthomosaic (aerial map) that allows us to measure distance, areas and even volumes. Learn more.

Can you process large amounts of data?

Absolutely! ProSky Studio routinely processes thousands of images and millions of data points to create aerial maps and 3D models. These services really assist our development, architectural, engineering and construction clients in the design/build/marketing process.

Can you create point cloud files?

Absolutely! We have the capability to generate LAS, LAZ, and XYZ point cloud files for use in Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Learn more.

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