Property professionals need the latest tools at their disposal to discover hazards, create detailed estimates, determine the scope of damages, perform valuations, and mitigate risk.


These estimates need to precisely reflect conditions on the ground so the homeowner or building occupant can quickly restore their structure or property.


Harnessing the safety and agility of drones for inspection work increases efficiency and significantly mitigates risk and increases efficiency.


Inspection of residential structures, commercial buildings, property, and landscapes can be costly, and high risk even if performed in-house.


With ProSky drone inspections and 3D ground-based modeling, your business can benefit from the rapid deployment of our specialized technology.


Our UAVs capture high-resolution resolution photos and video, and our backend software can create aerial maps and 3D models for you to review from the safety of the ground and integrate into your workflow.


Our state-of-the-art, laser-guided, multi-lens camera captures the interior of a structure in stunning detail, providing our clients an invaluable estimating tool that is scaled to the real world.


ProSky inspections aircraft are equipped with collision avoidance technology, ultra sonic sensors, and five cameras to keep the aircraft and property out of harm's way.


Capturing the precise conditions with our technology allows for a more accurate claims estimate, faster turnaround and a better customer experience.

ProSky Studio is committed to safe, legal, professional drone services in the Southeast United States. Our drone services go beyond aerial photography and aerial video.


ProSky Studio drones, piloted by actual FAA pilots, capture meaningful aerial images, 3D models, aerial maps and so much more.


Ready to get started? Maybe you just want to learn more about drone services. We can't wait to chat!


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