ProSky Studio prides itself in offering the highest quality services and to provide the best experience for our customers.


At the center of our credo is the safety of other aircraft, people on the ground, and property.


That's why we utilize only the most proven and reliable UAS platforms in our operations. When selecting a new UAV, ProSky Studio requires the UAV be engineered by a reputable company, have a proven safety record, and have failsafes/redundancies in place to ensure the UAV will complete its mission safely.


We are so serious about safety that we have developed safety and operations protocols, which we adhere to strictly. Our protocols are written by an FAA certified pilot with over 10 years of flight experience: Someone who understands our nation's airspace system, weather, aerodynamics, and the physics of flight.


This knowledge and experience enable ProSky Studio in maintaining a safe UAV fleet and in flying each mission safely. We leave nothing to chance.


We keep abreast of changing regulations and technologies not only to remain relevant in our field but also to keep people and property safe. That's why we are FAA 333 and Part 107 compliant and are proud to be a safe operator of sUAS in our nation's airspace system.

ProSky Studio is committed to safe, legal, professional drone services in the Southeast United States. Our drone services go beyond aerial photography and aerial video.


ProSky Studio drones, piloted by actual FAA pilots, capture meaningful aerial images, 3D models, aerial maps and so much more.


Ready to get started? Maybe you just want to learn more about drone services. We can't wait to chat!


Just fill out the quick contact form so we can talk about your project and how aerial content can help achieve your goals.

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