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December 18, 2017

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Orthophotography With Drones: an Introduction

May 16, 2017


One of the services ProSky Studio offers is orthophotography.  This allows owners of construction sites, surveyors, and farmers to get highly-detailed, accurate measurements and actionable data.


Basically, when you look at a standard aerial photo like one taken by a UAV (drone), you get some distortion.  This comes from lens distortion or tilt, and it basically distorts the true curve of the Earth.  This throws distances off scale.


Orthophotography takes this distortion away, and that’s why it’s also called “orthorectified” or “map accurate” photography.  These orthorectified photos then form the basis of  many geo-referenced products.  These include orthophoto mosaics, raster to vector digitization, 2D planimetric maps, and others.


Maps generated by this method have positional accuracy of standard line maps, but also the traits of the original aerial photo.  They are very high-definition, and can be printed or viewed at a variety of different resolutions.


Not only do these photos allow for important data collection, but they prove an invaluable record of the subject when they were taken.  They can be used to measure changes or to settle any disputes that may occur among stakeholders.


We take the original photos using drones best suited for high-resolution photos.  The drones fly in a programmed pattern, sweeping the area in question in detail.  The photos are then combined into the ortho product.


We use a very powerful new software product called Pix4D to create the desired orthophotography map. 


While business owners, developers, surveyors, etc., may wish to take their own aerial photography, turning it into orthophotography is a different matter altogether.  We have the time and resources to get you exactly what you’re looking for—it’s what we do.  

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