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December 18, 2017

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Using Drones For Measurements At Your Construction Site

June 13, 2017



It’s well known that UAVs deliver images that create great data in a variety of industries, including construction.


But while drones can give much-needed information such as topographic maps that give you the lay of the land before you break ground, they can also be an indispensable tool during the project itself.


It would be a shame not to take advantage of the capabilities of a drone as a replacement for other tools you may otherwise use.  For one, UAVs can create crucial measurements on your site, faster than by traditional means.


Measuring Volume

One of the ways we help construction companies is through volume measurement at various phases of a project.  We use DroneDeploy software to calculate how much material you’ll need to fill a certain volume at any stage of a project.

In short, we can give you either “best fit base surface” or “lowest point base surface” measurements.  Best fit is the type of measurement best for standalone features, while lowest point is for flat ground with stock piles or other objects on top of it.


We use various tools to correct for possible distortions and to give the most useful modeling.  For example, tools can reveal features, like small stockpiles, not visible in standard orthomosaics. In this way, we allow you, through periodical drone flights, to keep tabs on the project as it changes.  In addition to fill and cut volumes, you can measure distances and keep track of what percentage of a particular task is already done.


As-Built Models & BIM

One of the reasons these real-time measurements are important is that they can create as-built models.  These are models of the project as it exists at any given moment.  One thing a project manager can do is measure this information against the specs of the project.


We can create a variety of models with a wide array of features and customizations.

The information we obtain and make into models is done quickly.  It’s also done safely, and the software we use assures accuracy of information.  In fact, we can give you a rundown of the various types of accuracy (for example, global vs. relative) you’ll be looking at, based on your project’s demands, of course.


A final word—not only are our drone operators fully FAA compliant, but the UAVs themselves are fitted with object recognition and other safety features.  We know it can be scary thinking of a machine buzzing around your site, but ProSky Studio guarantees safety.