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Why Drone Videos are Best for Marketing

July 18, 2017



You’ve probably heard that real estate firms often use aerial videos and photos produced by drones to show their properties.  The same idea can be used for all sorts of businesses and ventures, such as golf courses, sports arenas, publicizing charity events or the construction of a new store or office, etc.


Giving your audience that bird’s eye view to promote your company is effective, but why?  How are drone videos better than those taken on ground level by traditional video cameras?  Here are a few reasons.


The Whole Truth

Whether you’re showing your expanded new showroom or your sports franchise’s new stadium or the neighborhood your property is in, you’ll get the most mileage from aerial video. Trying to paint a picture with several still photos or with a pan at ground level will make the viewer feel that things are out of context and that the visuals tell a partial and confusing story.


Only aerial photography shows context, bringing the awesomeness of what you’re trying to promote.  And that brings us to our next point.


Visual Spectacle and Panorama

We all know that people are powerfully affected by their visual senses: a pretty face, a cute puppy, a striking red rose.  But this is multiplied when the visual information is an aerial view that gives the big picture.


While what media theorists would call “spectacle”—something large, impressive, and visually appealing, has been the subject of much study, you don’t need fancy terms to understand it.  We pay more rent for apartments on the higher floors of a skyscraper for the wide views they give us.  It’s as if we respond to the simple concept that an aerial view gives us more great things to look at.  Yet, it’s more than that.  The cumulative effect is impressive, all the various objects working together to create one huge picture.



Many companies and organizations wish to show a building’s exterior or interior—something that is static.  You may not have action and movement in the frames.  Aerial drone videography largely makes up for this by giving the viewer a frame that the camera is moving through.  We’re biased, but we think the cool factor of a flying vehicle beats a panning landlocked camera any day.


And speaking of “cool factor,” we know our clients’ audience react well to the impressive nature of video shot by an airplane—it adds great professionalism.

ProSky Studio uses drones that mark the industry standard in drone photography.  Our experienced, FAA compliant operators will capture your vision with flair.