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December 18, 2017

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Fast Airspace Authorization with LAANC

August 23, 2017


LAANC is the Low-Altitude Authorization Capability, an important new breakthrough for drone operators, developed by AirMap in partnership with the FAA.  LAANC allows for instant, automatic airspace authorization, which allows drone operators to much more easily meet requirements of the FAA legislation known as Part 107.


AirMap is an app for a pilot’s phone, and it cuts down the time it takes to be authorized for airspace on the order of months.  Previously, a drone pilot that wanted to operate in what the FAA classified as “controlled space” had to apply for a waiver for authorization before they could do their surveying, photography, etc.  This put things in the realm of physical paperwork, a process that often dragged on 90 days. This led to some drone-driven projects just not happening.


With the LAANC system, authorizations are requested and given digitally, and instantly.  This Summer, the FAA released a map of 300 low-altitude spaces near airports where authorization is to be most efficient. 


A new wrinkle within the LAANC will roll out this fall, when 50 airports nationwide will be able to give authorizations.  Thus, the LAANC can be seen as a suite of services and technologies.


The impetus for these technologies has not been just convenience, but also helping the drone sector economically, and in turn, the global economy.  AirMap cites a sum of $127.3 billion dollars that the U.S. economy is missing out on due to businesses not being able to execute their projects.  We live in a world in which government oversight is often dragged down by slowness and excess red tape. The FAA is sensitive to this, and AirMap’s technology has rectified the situation.


This advance should lead to an increase in all that drones can do, such as surveying, collecting data, and taking breathtaking aerial photos.


To learn more about how ProSky Studio safely navigates the nation's skies, click here.

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