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Is Amazon Self-destructing, or Just Messing With Our Heads?

December 18, 2017

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Short Videos Boost Sales - ProSky Studio

October 5, 2017

Back in the days when Barack Obama was a little-known senator from Illinois and no one knew that Jersey even had a shore, having short marketing videos online was considered an extra.


In 2017, whether you’re in real estate or another industry, video is almost expected, and necessary for adequate sales.  Perhaps the extra comes in the form of spectacular aerial video shot by drone aircraft and professional ground based equipment. 


Here’s a look at how short marketing videos can boost your bottom line. 

In our fast-paced, visual culture, lacking vibrant video can be perceived as a lack of completeness; it can make it look as though your marketing approach isn’t all the way there yet. At the very least, this lack will make it hard for you to compete with your multi-media-using competitors.


The Aberdeen Group recently published the results of its 2017 Understanding the Expanding Benefits of Marketing with Video; the survey found that companies implementing video had 66% more qualified leads on an annual basis.  81% of the businesses surveyed said they enjoyed an increase in sales.  Further, 83% of video users said they perceived a satisfactory ROI as a result. 


Without burying you in numbers, we’ll tell you that according to, using the word video in the subject line of a marketing email increases click-through rates by 65%, while also reducing unsubscribe rates.


How and Why Video Works


Any psychologist, literature professor, or filmmaker will tell you about the power of stories.  In fact, communities are built around stories, such as the narrative that the United States was built on a desire to get away from a king and to be free.  The rebellion of the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War cast a shadow to this day, helping to promote what citizen-led protests we do see today.


Narrative is the essential component of all advertising—modern American advertising was revolutionized when it went from straight sales pitches to stories.  One of the things that drove that revolution was television, which is better suited to telling a story than, say, a magazine page.  Video is one of the best media for storytelling.


In commercial real estate, a story that is told with the help of drone aircraft is roughly one of an area giving birth to a home—you see the school and corner store down the street, rolling fields for kids to play in in the background, neighboring homes, and then the house that your client will hopefully buy.


In fact, if one wants to think of it in a simpler way, it’s the story of a person coming home.  Motion and video are indispensable here.


The videos we can create for your company will show your enthusiasm and tech savvy, plus your desire to spend money on your marketing.  They help you tell a story and hold your audience’s attention. ProSky Studio videos captivate all of the viewers’ senses, and that is how people wish to be marketed to today. 

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